Guest Lecture: Physics Study Program FMIPA Unud Expanding Knowledge about Nano Technology in the Field of Physics


Bukit Jimbaran, Monday, June 10 2024, the Physics Study Program, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (FMIPA) Udayana University held a guest lecture activity. This activity was held at the Dean's Building, 3rd Floor, Computer Lab 2, Bukit Jimbaran Campus, starting at 11.00 WITA.

This guest lecture was attended and opened by the Dean of FMIPA, Prof. Ni Luh Watiniasih, accompanied by the Deputy Dean for Student Affairs and Information, Prof. Ni Nyoman Rupasih. As well as guest speaker Mr. Conrad Rizal, Ph.D. where Mr Conrad is an expert in the field of Nano Technology who comes from Seed Nano Tech. International Inc., Brampton ON, Canada L6T SE3. This activity was also attended by lecturers and students of the FMIPA Physics Study Program.

The main aim of this activity is to provide a deeper understanding of Nano Technology in the field of Physics. Through this guest lecture, it is hoped that participants can expand their knowledge about concepts, applications and the latest developments in the field of Nano Technology.

This guest lecture is an opportunity for FMIPA Physics students and lecturers to learn directly from one of the experts in the field of Nano Technology. Where is Mr. Conrad Rizal will share knowledge, experience and insight regarding the latest developments in this field.

With this guest lecture activity, FMIPA Udayana University shows its commitment to improving the quality of education and providing diverse learning experiences to students. It is hoped that this activity can inspire Physics students to continue to develop their interest and knowledge in the field of Nano Technology.