"BRIIN Guest Lecture: Awareness of the Importance of Medical Physics for the Future of Health"


Denpasar Bali, On Tuesday morning 26 March 2024, at the Post FMIPA Unud Building, Floor 4 (Aula), the FMIPA Physics Study Program held a public guest lecture which presented speakers from BRIIN, namely (National Research and Innovation Agency). BRIIN is responsible for coordinating and facilitating activities research and innovation in Indonesia. They play a role in developing human resources, facilitating collaboration between researchers, and advancing innovation in various sectors. Prof. Ni Luh Watiniasih, as dean of FMIPA, welcomed and introduced the speakers, one of whom was Prof. Yohannes Sardjono, he is a leading figure in the field of nuclear physics and reactor technology, and did not forget that he was also present with several teams from BRIIN, and also Mr. I Made Ardhana who happened to come from Bali and who now works at BAPETEN (Nuclear Energy Supervisory Agency). also attended the public lecture.

The aim of this event is expected to be the arrival of Prof. Yohannes Sadjono and BRIIN and BAPETEN went to FMIPA Unud, especially in the Physics study program, to explain the importance of medical physics in everyday life and the medical world today, as well as to increase the number of reliable human resources in this field. By providing a brief understanding of this field and its benefits for the world of health in the future, it is hoped that many potential experts will emerge in this field, especially in the field of Medical Physics in the future. What the medical world really needs right now.

One of the speakers, namely Prof. Yohannes Sardjono, said that by giving this short lecture about understanding medical physics and the duties of medical radiation protection officers, he hopes to provide a deep understanding to the lecturers and students present. In the short lecture, which was attended by more than 20 students, he hoped that he would be able to become superior and skilled human resource candidates in the field of medical physics in the future. And he also hopes that by collaborating with FMIPA Unud it can provide opportunities for other experts to join and be recruited by BRIIN, because in his view in the future we won't have to go far to look for experts in certain fields outside of Bali, because in Bali there are no less It can also provide prospective experts in the future to fill the need for experts who are lacking in some sectors or in other fields.