BAPETEN and Udayana University invite researchers, practitioners and academics to NUCLEAR SAFETY SEMINAR AND NUCLEAR PRODUCT EXHIBITION 2023


Udayana University, by Physics Study program in collaboration with the Nuclear Energy Supervisory Agency (BAPETEN) will hold a Nuclear Safety Seminar and Nuclear Product Exhibition 2023, with the theme "Improving the Safety and Security of Nuclear Installations and Ionizing Radiation Sources to Support the Competitiveness of Nuclear Products and Improving Community Welfare" which will be held in Bali on 11-12 September 2023

The background for holding this seminar is:

  1. Based on Law No. 10 of 1997 concerning Nuclear Energy, one of the objectives of supervision is to ensure the safety of workers, society and the environment. Communication between BAPETEN and the community and stakeholders is needed to build an understanding in achieving monitoring objectives. In this regard, BAPETEN in collaboration with universities in Indonesia organizes an annual activity called the Nuclear Safety Seminar (SKN).
  2. SKN is expected to become a scientific meeting forum for scientists and activists of nuclear safety regulations and technology originating from various related agencies and parties, including: related agencies (Ministry of Health, Kemenristekdikti, BRIN, KLHK, BMKG, BPOM, ESDM, etc.), academics, nuclear observers , industry, as well as from professional associations. Nuclear technology that continues to develop by considering safety and better utilization must be taken into consideration in drafting regulations. Strong regulations are needed that are not easily affected by changes and developments in technology and the concept of nuclear safety.
  3. SKN participants are expected to be able to share knowledge and experience, exchange ideas and views, and discuss to produce recommendations for improving the quality of nuclear regulation and safety in Indonesia in the future. It is hoped that this exchange of knowledge and experience will encourage collaboration and synergy between components to create a better environment, utilization and supervision of the nuclear sector on an ongoing basis.

The implementation of SKN is expected

  1. Exchange of information, knowledge, opinions and experiences on current issues in the field of nuclear safety regulation and technology,
  2. Increase understanding and awareness of the importance of monitoring the use of nuclear energy,
  3. To further study and develop an effective and efficient nuclear power control system,
  4. Become a forum for exchange of information, experiences and ongoing coordination between components of supervisors, academics, professional associations, nuclear observers, industry and other stakeholders
  5. Provide recommendations for the progress of monitoring the use of nuclear energy.

The expected target or target participants in this SKN are:

  1. Researchers, management and other functional officials in government institutions and agencies, BUMN, related private sector,
  2. Academics and related higher education institutions,
  3. Nuclear practitioners and practitioners,
  4. Nuclear safety observers, including professional associations, mass media, and community organizations.

For registration and further information, please visit the following link: