Workshop of Updating the FMIPA Website  

Jimbaran, Friday, 12 March 2021

Website as a way to disseminate the official information to the public, it is undeniable that it will have a significant impact in introducing and forging cooperation between institutions. Therefore, the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (FMIPA) Information and Cooperation Management Unit (UPIKS) considers it necessary to hold a FMIPA website updating workshop which is expected to boost the delivery of public information and increase cooperation between institutions. This workshop was attended by 22 web administrators from 10 Study Programs (PS) in the FMIPA environment with great enthusiasm. The participants, consisting of lecturers and education staff, saw that one of the spearheads of the dissemination of information about activities, announcements, agenda, publications, SOP documents, videos, collaborations, units under the Study Program, or news about the achievements of the Study Program were by using the website ..

In her speech, Dean of FMIPA - Mrs. Dra. Ni Luh Watiniasih conveyed one of the efforts to disseminate the information of the expertise of lecturers and research results owned by an institution to the public is by using the website. For this reason, a reliable website is very important for each PS in the FMIPA environment. In addition, the PS website is also expected to be one of the important points in boosting the PS accreditation ranking.

After carrying out the workshop today, UPIKS and also agreed by the Dean will carry out the 2nd workshop which was originally to be held in the next two weeks. In the second workshop, it is hoped that the websites of each study program will be better and more structured.