[ANNOUNCEMENT] Upload Final Research and Community Service Report 2023


In order to increase the capacity of research and service carried out by lecturers at Udayana University through research and service grants, we inform the Udayana University Research and Community Service Institute (LPPM) that researchers/service members have uploaded the Final Report and 100% Funding Report up to 30 November 2023 via the respective IMISSU pages. Hard copies of reports in the amount of 1 copy can be collected directly to LPPM until December 29 2023. For grants funded by the Faculty, collect 2 copies to UP2M Faculty and then send to LPPM in the amount of 1 copy.

In this regard, we ask for your help in informing this matter to the Chief Researcher and Servant of the 2023 LPPM Grant Awardee in your faculty.

Thus we convey, we thank you for your attention.