Visitation of Medan Islamic University, North Sumatra to Udayana University - on 18 June 2021  

On Friday, June 18, 2021 at 09.30 WITA, the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences received a visit from the Faculty of Science and Technology, Islamic University of North Sumatra Medan, which was attended by the Head of the Academic Bureau, Head of Administration, Head of the Finance Division and all laboratory and administrative staff at North Sumatra Islamic University Medan, welcomed by the Dean, Deputy Dean for General Affairs and Finance, Head of Administration and all staff on duty today. Today's visit was opened by the dean, and started with an introduction, followed by an introduction to the environment of Udayana University and then more specifically an introduction to the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences at Udayana University by showing a video. The Head of the Bureau of the Islamic University of North Sumatra Medan also briefly told about their University which was founded on January 7, 1951 on the island of Sumatra. Campus Located on Jl. Sisingamangaraja Teladan, Medan City District, where the University consists of 8 Faculties, 62 Study Programs, the Science and Technology Study Program was established on December 29, 2015 consisting of 5 Study Programs namely Mathematics, Biology, Physics, Computer Science, and Information Systems, from 5 Only the Physics Study Program has received B Accreditation while the other Study Programs still have C Accreditation. This visit was carried out to obtain some information that can be used as learning so that it can become better in the future and hope that in the future it will be able to make an MOU in terms of lecturer exchange may be in 3-6 months. The Faculty of Science and Technology of North Sumatra has just received assistance with laboratory facilities that are quite sophisticated but there are no human resources to be able to operate them. Some of the information that the Islamic University of North Sumatra wants to know, which we have summarized, are:

  1. 1. Financial problems, what is the percentage of the rectorate in dividing finances?
  2. How are foreign students managed?
  3. How does the University respond to the independent learning program?
  4. How is the Joint Laboratory Managed

Of the three questions, the financial problem was explained by the Deputy Dean of General Affairs and Finance which explained about financial management issues, the Retor issued a regulation regarding the distribution of the proportion of the budget, so it was divided proportionally where 70% was used as joint funds at the university, the remaining 30% was distributed to the Faculty , 30% which is managed by the faculty is then distributed to all study programs, 55% will be used in the faculty and 45% for study programs, we divide the 45% based on the income of each study program, for accountability at the end of the year but for performance in the evaluation every quarterly.

Another question was explained by the Dean, for the Upskills Program here, using a third party Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences to only prepare education, but third parties should not interfere with education, but we discuss materials so that they can create promotional content for this program. There is a visit visa to study, here we work together at KUI to make it easier to study in Indonesia, for education, foreign students prefer to explore.

Regarding MBKM, we agreed to continue to follow the Minister, at the Faculty agreed to revise the curriculum according to the Independent Learning material, we collaborated with several agencies and companies so that students can do internships there according to government directives, we convert courses, for example we send students to the Forensic Laboratory for 6 months, on the sidelines we will call the student to present the course after that we can consider what courses are relevant for conversion. All laboratory equipment under the Rectorate may use it as long as it is under the permission of the manager, and is accompanied by the Plp on duty.

This visit was closed by the Dean of Mathematics and Natural Sciences at 11.30 WITA, and continued by visiting the Faculty's Joint Laboratory.