The FMIPA Student Representative Council holds a Social Service at the Salam Orphanage


Sunday, September 18, 2022, the Student Representative Council (DPM) of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Udayana University has held a Social Service (BAKSOS) at the Salam Orphanage Foundation which is located on Jl. Rama I/9, Br. Taman Sari, Ds. Delod Peken, Tabanan district. This BAKSOS is not only an activity that can accommodate students to interact and help the community directly, it is also an annual work program carried out by DPM FMIPA Udayana University.

The theme of this activity is "Rise Together in the Recovery From COVID-19". which aims to realize concern and a sense of humanity towards others as well as to increase the social spirit and tolerance in DPM FMIPA functionaries. This Social Service activity is a form of realization of community service by DPM FMIPA.

BAKSOS is held directly at the Salam Orphanage Foundation while still implementing strict health protocols. The event started at 11.00 WITA, followed by the chairman of the foundation, the father and mother of the orphanage administrator, and 24 children who lived in the orphanage. After the Committee Chairman's Report was carried out, the remarks of the Chairperson of the 2022 FMIPA DPM and the remarks of the Chairman of the Foundation as well as opening the event, the event was then continued with educational games/games where the participants were orphanage children. The children seemed enthusiastic in carrying out the game as evidenced by their cheerful appearance in participating in the game.

After the educational games were over, the event continued with the delivery of donations in the form of money, goods and groceries from the open donations and also fundraising previously carried out by the committee, and ended with the delivery of games prizes, certificates, and closing by the MC.

The outcome of this activity is expected to be able to foster a sense of care and social responsibility of students towards the community. Providing direct benefits and stimulating empathy not only among students but also for the community. So it is hoped that this activity can inspire the emergence of individuals with a high sense of humanity.