The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences again held the ASIIN International Accreditation Workshop which was held on 15 May 2023 yesterday. The socialization which took place in the Library Building of Udayana University was a manifestation of the instructions of the Dean of FMIPA Udayana University to prepare for international accreditation. The activity which was attended by the Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, the head of UP3M, Koprodi and lecturers of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, the ASIIN International Accreditation Taskforce team from each study program, as well as the Faculty and MIPA Quality Assurance team itself aims to train the entire FMIPA academic community to prepare for ASIIN accreditation, identify what documents must be provided on each criterion. The workshop, which is a continuation of the ASIIN International Accreditation socialization which was previously held on April 14 2023, again presented Dr. Ir. Leni Sophia Heliani, ST., M.Sc., IPU Commission 1 of the UGM Academic Senate as a guest speaker.

In an interview conducted at the Dean of FMIPA Dra. Ni Luh Watiniasih said that in preparing the MIPA faculties for international accreditation, three previous preparations had been made. "As one of the faculties targeted for international accreditation, in this case ASIIN, from the workshop that will be conducted, this is actually the fourth time. The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences has prepared itself, two of which are already regarding the Outcome Based Education or OBE curriculum, then lastly with Ms. Leni as well as the resource person who is present today we have carried out socialization and today is a continuation of that regarding the criteria or checklist that we must prepareā€ said Watiniasih. Furthermore, the Dean of FMIPA who came from the Biology study program added that those targeted for international accreditation were study programs that had been accredited superior. However, the FMIPA dean has decided to adopt the policy that all study programs must take part in the program.

Contacted at ISHOMA, Chairperson of the ASIIN International Accreditation Preparation Workshop Committee, Dr. AA Wife Eka Karyawati said that actually this activity was planned last year however, it could only be realized this year. In preparation for this activity, there were budget constraints and because it had just been held and there were doubts about the participation of lecturers in the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. "The preparation was a bit difficult because we were still new and still unsure whether the lecturers at MIPA really wanted to actively participate in the workshop. it turned out that after a full day, the participation was good, there was support from friends from the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences ", added Mrs. Eka. By holding this socialization event, Eka hopes that each Study Program Taskforce team at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences will start compiling the necessary documents so that later the faculty will be ready to carry out international ASIIN accreditation.


Meanwhile, the Head of the Learning Development and Quality Assurance Unit for the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Mr. Dr. I Nengah Wirajana told how UP3M was prepared for this international accreditation. UP3M has formed an accreditation preparation team at the faculty level since last year. Then followed up by forming an accreditation team at the study program level this year and holding regular workshops. Mr. Wirajana also added that the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences UP3M would prepare itself to carry out continuous quality improvement or continuous quality assurance.


One of the workshop participants, Master of Chemistry Study Program Coordinator Drs. I Gusti Agung Gede Bawa, M.Si said that he was very impressed with this activity. The Coordinating Study Program, who is usually called Gung Bawa, stated that this activity was very helpful because we learned a lot about the preparation for ASIIN's international accreditation activities. He hopes that there will be involvement in ASIIN accreditation from his study program.

Meanwhile the lecturer representatives from the Biology Study Program also felt impressed that this activity was very good. Biology Study Program will be very prepared if in the future it does participate in this ASIIN accreditation. Even though there are a number of things that need to be followed and completed related to the presentation that has been given, this is good so that we are more determined to take part in this ASIIN accreditation. At the end of the event, Surya Rahyuda, who was one of the Informatics lecturers who was present at the time, also thought that with this good outreach activity it really clarifies us in implementing an OBE-based curriculum which will greatly facilitate lecturers and students when implementing the lesson plans which they hope can be realized so that later ready to be accredited internationally ASIIN.

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