Soon ASIIN International Accreditation, Asked Civitas Biology at the 38th Conservation Biology


Sunday 6 May 2023, the Biology Student Association held the 38th Biology Conservation event in order to celebrate the birthday of the Biology Study Program, FMIPA, Udayana University. It is well realized that so far the Biology Study Program is closely related to the community through learning and community service. For this reason "Together With Biology Create Color in Society" which means "Through the 38th Biological Conservation activity, we can create various kinds of colors in the community" is the theme for this year's celebration. Through this activity the Biology FMIPA Udayana University community hopes that the Biology Study Program can create various colors of participation in enlivening the community environment.

The 38th celebration which was held at the Widya Sabha Auditorium building was attended by the Biology community, namely: Lecturers, staff, and students to take part in enlivening the 38th Biology Conservation. On this occasion, the Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Dra. Ni Luh Watiniasih, M.Sc, Ph.D who is also a Lecturer from the Biology Study Program expressed her hope that in 2023 the Biology Study Program will be more successful and more advanced, full of innovation and of course the results will be well received in society. Watiniasi hopes that the Biology Study Program can oversee ASIIN's international accreditation which is being prepared so that the quality of the Biology Study Program is getting better, and can also meet the international accreditation quota instructed or assigned by the Rector of UNUD to FMIPA and Biology Study Program. Lecturers are expected to be able to become a driving force, fill more achievements that have been assigned by our Rector to study programs where this achievements is a barometer of the quality of the Study Program which that not only for students, lecturers, staff in particular but also bring change positive for the Biology Study Program, FMIPA, and Udayana University in general. Watiniasih hopes for the student participation to improve their participation in the Ministry programs, especially PKM and MBKM and also actively participate in national and international competitions, she concluded.

The young lecturer at the Biology Study Program who has just carried out the PNS Oath/Promise, I Ketut Putra Juliantara S.Pd, M.Sc, really hopes that Biology accreditation nationally will continue to be an excellent Study Program with the advance quality of human resources. The teaching and learning process that has been carried out based on case study/project still encourage us all to improve the quality of study programs. Moreover, the Biology Study Program will carry out ASIIN international accreditation so that the support of all parties is expected to increase the quality of Biology Study Program.

Chairman of Himabio, Ahmad Rovikhi or usually called Vikhi hopes that the Biology Study Program will always be victorious at the age of 38. Hopefully new students in the future can become superior, independent and cultured students like the Vision of Udayana University. He also hopes that the Biology Study Program will immediately raise its accreditation level from Superior to International accreditation. We know that currently the Biology Study Program is trying to carry out international ASIIN accreditation, hopefully with the implementation of ASIIN accreditation, PS. Biology FMIPA UNUD can be more competitive nationally and internationally which in the end is able to achieve its Vision and Mission according to the road map for the development of the Study Program. Jayalah PS Biology, he said ending the interview.

Coordinator of the Biology Study Program I Ketut Ginantra S.Pd, M.Sc, wishing a happy 38th anniversary to the Biology Study Program. Hopefully the Biology Study Program is always raising itself. Ginantra also expressed his pride with what the Biology Study Program has achieved so far. At this no longer young age, Ginantra expects the synergy and participation of all students, lecturers, staff, alumni and also stakeholders or users of biology study program graduates to unite, work together to complement each other for the advancement of the Biology study program. Especially now that the Biology Study Program is preparing itself towards ASIIN accreditation which is an international accreditation. Of course this is not an easy thing, there are many things that must be improved to be able to get this ASIIN accredited status. 

One of the biology study program students, Anak Agung Ngurah Bagus Abimanyu called Gunggus, also said congratulations, proud of what has been achieved so far, and hopes that the Biology Study Program will be even more successful. As is well known, he said, the Biology PS is currently accredited Unggul. This is one proof that PS. Biology has good quality in the implementation of learning, research, community service, and how to apply the knowledge produced by the Biology Study Program can be applied in society or stakeholders. Of course this is not an instant feat he said. This is the fruit of the hard work of all parties. But apart from this very proud achievement, Gunggus hopes that the Biology Study Program will have more and more enthusiasts, especially the boys, because currently enthusiasts for the Biology Study Program are still dominated by women. There are many international biologists from men. For that, let's all become biologists. Ask Gugus.